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Transforming healthcare with technology

We use technology to improve patient outcomes and transform patient experiences

Technology is changing how we access and receive healthcare. It's changing the relationship we have with our bodies. Virtual reality games are helping people combat depression. People are tracking their treatment plans in real-time with their physicians. We're able to move to truly practicing preventive medicine by tracking changes in our health.

Tech is solving healthcare challenges
The healthcare sector faces a broad range of complex and diverse challenges. New strategies, models, and technological tools are required to overcome them. Digital technologies are helping to reduce administrative waste while improving access to care. Most importantly it is demonstrating how it can help improve clinical outcomes for patients and incorporate preventive care practices.
Creating patient-centric healthcare
We work together with the different actors in the healthcare industry, from providers, payers, pharma, to medical device manufacturers. Our focus is on using technology to improve how healthcare is delivered, and ultimately to provide patient-centric healthcare. We recognize the importance of preventative medicine, and are working together to provide people with better solutions to manage their own healthcare.
highly trained and diverse professionals
countries and global reach
years helping some of the world's leading organizations
Studios, small operating units that foster creativity and innovation
Our Services
Patient journey
Our human centred design approach improves patient journeys, bringing together patients, doctors, services and data.
Medical technology
We bridge the gap between patients and their diagnosis. We have expertise with the latest medical digital technologies.
Precision medicine
We cover the full spectrum, from genetic screening to drug development, including personalized disease treatments.
We understand the importance of digitizing solutions and ensuring interoperability in healthcare.
Image diagnosis
We believe imaging can help accelerate the time that a disease can be found, diagnosed and treated
Genomics data
We use techniques such as parallel programing to understand the human genome and applications in bio-related fields.