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  • Globant Invests in I AM AT and Opens a New Segment in the Entertainment Industry

  • 22 Aug 2013

    Press Release

Buenos Aires, August 21st, 2013.- Globant, a leading firm in developing innovative software products for global audiences, along with BDCine -founded by Daniel Burman and Diego Dubcovksy-, and Laura Muchnik, Senior Consultant in Corporate Communications, invests in I AM AT, a new technology company.

By converging four global trends -Gaming, Social Networking, Mobile and Entertainment- I AM AT generates interactions with users and creates new business opportunities for the entertainment world. It is a platform that maximizes collective experiences through content synchronization between a main screen (cinema, TV, radio, live events) and a second screen (laptops, tablets, smartphones).

I AM AT provides the ability to exchange images, audio, video and text with the audience, enhancing experiences such as setting up giant figures, simultaneous translations, live polls, games, sweepstakes and product marketing through smart devices, among others. The main purpose of this development is to enhance business opportunities for content producers (B2B) and promote a new consumer experiences (B2C). The platform allows people to experience what is immediate and interactive, combining thefilm, radio, television and mega events industries with the Internet. It also allows the capture of a growing trend in technological convergence (social networking, gaming and the use of more than one mobile device at once), along with the need of users to participate in real time. At the same time, it represents a new way to experience movies and TV, or take part in a mega-event.

Globant has grown steadily in the past decade, leading the company to build a team of 3000 Globers, and a client portfolio that includes companies like Google, LinkedIn, National Geographic, Coca Cola, and Electronic Arts. Globant is focused on the latest technologies and trends through its 8 studios, organized according to the current most innovative practices (Mobile, Big Data, Cloud, Gaming, Consumer Experience, Creative & Social Enterprise Consumerization and Quality Engineering).

I AM AT, founded by Alfonso Amat, has been operational for a year, and it joined the Wayra Academy at inception. The company has developed projects for second screens including the TV show "Operación Triunfo" in January 2013, and "Aliados" since July. Through these products it has already enhanced the experience of thousands of TV viewers, corporate events and concerts.

"This is the partnership that will allow us to take the platform to the world," said Alfonso Amat, founder of I AM AT.

"We are very happy and excited to be part of this dream," said Daniel Burman. "As producers, from BDCINE we cannot remain oblivious to the change in the matrix of content production. We believe that the development of new technologies driving the convergence of the different ways of telling stories, expressing ideas and emotions, has tremendous potential. It is a huge challenge which we want to be part of, to incorporate the changes in the habits that the viewer currently shows to language and storytelling. To assume that we have a new paradigm of cultural consumption, and that far from competing for a share of attention of the entertainment consumers, we enable them to enhance their experience, creating new ways to feel and live the show."

"We are proud to be partners with I AM AT. We believe it will bring a big change in the entertainment industry and create new opportunities for companies to relate to their audience. We believe that we must continue to create products that bring innovation and technology to design, and in this sense I AM AT is a clear reflection of this union, which will allow us to continue to add more value to our customers," said Martin Migoya, CEO and Co-founder of Globant.

"We are living in an era of technological revolution, where trends such as gaming, cloud, mobile, social and big data are changing the way we reach consumers," said Guibert Englebienne, Globant CTO and co-founder. "For us it is essential to continue with the expertise we have developed through our development studios. I AM AT binds several of these trends and strongly complements our portfolio, which ultimately enriches all of our clients. "

About I AM AT
It is a second screen platform with a, configured and managed, real-time display, which promotes user’s increased experience through a URL or a smartphone app. Consumers today multitask on multiple screens: They use the tablet or smartphone while watching TV, or attending an event. The user experience is handled from the platform, in which the commands shown in the User App are programmed, synchronized by sound or triggered in real time.

What’s the opportunity?
The combination of 4 global trends: mobile, social networks, gaming and entertainment, has reconfigured social interactions and has created new business opportunities.

The users attention span is constantly divided between what they are doing and their second screen (phones, tablets and laptops). There is a new business opportunity to consolidate the attention span, by building a new 1-to-1 channel to promote a real-time interaction through their second screen. I AM AT allows content producers to integrate with their audience in a maximized experience. The live exchange of images, audio, video and text with the audience is simultaneous. The resulting experiences are:
• Giant figures with the audience
• Simultaneous translations or complimentary information
• Live polls
• Massive games
Among others

About Globant
We are a new-breed technology services provider focused on delivering innovative software solutions by leveraging emerging technologies and trends. We combine the engineering and technical rigor of IT services providers with the creative approach and culture of digital agencies. Globant is the place where engineering, design and innovation meet scale. At Globant the best engineers team up with our art design studios and innovation labs to deliver a superb user experience through innovation, usability, scalability and availability. Today, we are the Latin American leader in the creation of innovative software products that appeal to global audiences. In only 10 years, we created a Company that:
- Has more than 2,800 professionals working for companies like LinkedIn, Electronic Arts, JWT, Coca Cola, and Google, among several others
- Was selected as Endeavor Entrepreneur (2005)
- Was named among the top 10 product engineering vendor (2011) by Global Services
- Was recognized among the top 10 vendors in mobile applications development (2012) by IDC Survey
- Was included in the 2010 Cool Vendor in Business Process Services Report by Gartner
- Was featured as case study of Harvard, MIT, Stanford and others