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  • Globant Unveils Report on Trends: It’s all About Building Seamless Ecosystems

  • 06 Aug 2015

    Press Release

“Sentinel Report” Finds Networks and Diverse Alliances are More Valuable to Consumers

“Sentinel Report” Finds Networks and Diverse Alliances are More Valuable to Consumers
San Francisco – August 6th, 2015 - Globant (NYSE: GLOB), a new-breed of technology services provider focused on delivering innovative software, today unveiled a new edition of their Sentinel Report - a quarterly analysis on global market trends and consumer behavior insights and their application to various industry, including media, telecoms, banking and finance, retail, travel and transport, and health. In this edition, the company highlights a series of dimensions of a trend  –known as “seamless ecosystems”–, that come from building brand networks to provide holistic services and products that encourage greater consumer loyalty and engagement. 
The latest report finds that in order to achieve the seamless ecosystem, brands must find partners that provide singular value to consumers. In exchange for greater personalized offerings and deals, the new breed of consumer is more willing to provide personal data to brands.
“The old adage that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts rings true in the seamless ecosystem,” said Martín Migoya, Globant CEO and co-founder. “Today’s consumers are more sophisticated than ever before and expect brands to deliver engaging, novel and effortless experiences that can only be perfected when brands choose to collaborate. True innovation is born from a free exchange of trust and ideas between brands.”
Seamless ecosystems are built on four major trends that drive new consumer interactions:
  • FLUIDITY & SHORTCUTS: Smoother and organic customer journeys are paramount and begin with creating a cohesive service where consumers have a single touchpoint with either one brand or partnered brands. By joining with others, companies can increase their overall value proposition. In return, brands will gather more insights on consumer preferences and greater inter-brand interactions that can lead to new partnerships or innovative ways to collaborate.
  • TOTAL PERSONALIZATION: Consumers value brands that recognize individual interests, personalities and identities – giving the impression that brands intrinsically know them. By partnering with others, brands can get more understanding of their users to offer more tailored and customized products to improve conversion and loyalty and create a more natural conversation.
  • TARGETED DISCOUNTS & PERKS: Engaging other partners allows companies to offer new and meaningful perks to attract new customers, transform low engagement moments and increase cross- and up-selling. Consumers benefit through customized discounts, further enhancing the brand experience.
  • CO-CREATED OFFERS: By partnering with others, this type of an offer extends much further than connecting products and services.  Unique, one-of-a-kind offerings must be designed based on centralized consumer insights paired with new technologies and the added value and differentiators that each company brings to the table.
This issue also highlights an emerging consumer profile known as the “Time Savvy” personality – consumers who are passionate about products and services that help them save time and simplify their lives. These consumers are often willing to pay a premium for more expedient customer service or products that deliver faster, more easily and with less hassle. Since convenience is a prerequisite, bundled products, new formats and innovative models go far when targeting this subset. Thus, brands should focus on convenience, novelty, seamless and simple user experiences.
"In order to better capitalize on these trends, brands must research available technologies and invest in those built with the goal of improving brand interaction and customer experience,” added Migoya. 
To access the complete report, please visit, here
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