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  • Globant was honored by ACDE

  • 20 Nov 2012

    Press Release

The company received the Enrique Shaw Award, which highlights companies that carry out projects inclusive of labor. Globant took first place in the category “inclusion through employment labor"

Buenos Aires, Argentina, October 25th 2012Globant, a leader in the creation of innovative software products that appeal to global audiences, was recognized yesterday, by the Christian Association of Business Leaders (ACDE), with the “ACDE-Enrique Shaw” Award in the category “inclusion through employment labor”, because of its TesteAR program.

TesteAR ( is Globant’s Corporate Social Responsibility program which aims to educate and train young adults, between the ages of 18 and 25, with the skills and resources to pursue job opportunities in technology and engineering. The program includes a four month Manual Testing course. TesteAR’s purpose is to contribute to the social inclusion and reduce the digital gap.

ACDE’s Award is a recognition to those companies that excel in giving back to society with innovative, sustainable and replicable projects and practices that add value to the community.

“To be recognized by such a prestigious institution like ACDE is really exciting for us. TesteAR is extremely important to us at Globant, it represents the possibility of breaking down barriers for younger generations who, without this program, don’t access to learning about IT in a way that can then be applied to a work environment.” said Francisco Michref Globant’s Corporate Social Responsibility Coordinator, during the event.


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About Globant
Globant is the Latin American leader in the creation of innovative software products that appeal to global audiences. For us, that means we are the place where the best engineers team up with art design studios and innovation labs to deliver a superb user experience. In only 9 years, we have created a company that:

- Has more than 2,500 professionals working for companies like LinkedIn, JWT, Google and Coca Cola, among several others.

- Was selected as Endeavor Entrepreneur (2005)

- Was named among the top 10 product engineering vendors (2011) by Global Services

- Was included in the 2010 Cool Vendor in Business Process Services Report by Gartner

- Was featured as a case study of Harvard, MIT, Stanford and others

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About ACDE

ACDE celebrates this year its 60º aniversary as an association who continues to deepen its goal of becoming in a field of business analysis and reflection in the light of Christian values; and of action, through its social commitment in a business work governed by ethical principles and to serve the community.