Agile Pods

The Agile PODs framework is Globant’s service delivery model for teams, providing a context-adaptive maturity journey.

As a services company, we deploy PODs to deliver services in order to meet strategic, creative and/or production goals for our clients.

What is a POD?


A POD is a team with diverse capabilities that work in collaboration to achieve the needs of the client. Is a self-organized, collaborative, and autonomous team, focus on meeting strategic, creative, and production goals.

The Agile PODs Framework empowers each POD to constitute around purpose, values and service delivery goals; and to manage their own work to become fully accountable for service delivery. Once constituted, the POD will define its focus on a set of critical areas that represent the core aspects of Globant’s service delivery at all levels.

Benifits of Agile Pods

Organic ecosystem to foster, realize and sustain effective delivery and innovation.
Lean agile mindset
Equipped with core Lean/ Agile mindset and associated competencies.
Self organized to drive excellence, reducing risk and enabling consistent and organic growth.
Measured by effectiveness through a POD Maturity Journey.
Common Vision
Aligned around a common purpose, values and principles.
Designed to scale - based on MITOSIS, leveraging experience and expertise.

Founding pillars of Agile PODs framework

Each POD is in constant pursuit of excellence and growth to achieve effectiveness, which makes up the POD Maturity Journey.



Each POD is focused on achieving their goals and is continuously adapting to make sure they are on the right track following the Agile mindset.


Each POD develops a relationship with their clients, sponsors, and stakeholders in order to gain a full understanding of the company’s ecosystem. They partner with the client to gain full knowledge of what they need, what is important for them, and to shape the best possible outcome.


Each POD works to meet the goals and expectations clients have. They achieve their objectives by focusing on a specific set of areas that helps them deliver quality and value. These “areas of focus” are key to determine their level of success.


Why Globant’s PODs framework is unique

The Agile PODs Methodology sets the foundation on how teams need to work when helping clients solve their business challenges. This model is unique and was created to foster better alignment between our clients and Globant teams.

We understand the evolution of the work as something natural and organic based on experimentation, continuous learning and maximum effectiveness. So, the “POD Maturity” is the result of setting and reaching goals under certain areas of focus, identifying opportunities to improve, and receiving the corresponding endorsement from the client. As PODs transit through the maturity journey, they adapt and align with the customers and mature in the process; leveraging state of the art technologies and practices to guide them through the digital and cognitive revolution.