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Services Over Platforms

The Service over platform is Globant’s service delivery model for teams, providing a context-adaptive maturity journey.

As a services company, we deploy PODs to deliver services in order to meet strategic, creative and/or production goals for our clients.

Our Platforms


Integrates different features in a gamified platform to reinforce a positive workplace culture, from peer-to-peer recognition and reviews to continuous feedback and even open positions matched with the right profile. All in a scalable, social and interactive way.

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Signal enables media companies to reach and engage customers across every screen. It allows them to manage and monetize Live and VOD content. Publishers can quickly launch these best-in-class experiences and dynamically update content and styles through the Signal Portal. Signal simplifies the OTT workflow and allows companies to focus on their content and business vision. Our cutting edge modularized technology allows our clients to choose between a full service or select items to fit the right need.

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It is an e-learning platform for global companies who want to run their own online and personalized academies to host Massive Open Online Courses as well as private training modules, with a strong focus on user experience and social interactions.

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Augmented coding

AI IS AN ENABLER TO MAKE BETTER PROFESSIONALS. When you no longer have a colleague sitting next to you to ask for suggestions, AI can be the solution to augment your teams’ skills and collaboration. At Globant we use Augmented Coding, an AI powered system that enhances the developers’ coding experience and capacities

How we do it