Humanising Technology

We are relentless in our belief that by putting customers first we can conquer any challenge and shape the future. We enable our clients to move quickly and confidently from strategy to execution, delivering greater returns in a shorter time, for less investment.


  • CI


    We use qualitative and quantitative studies into needs, wants, expectations and ideals to predict future customer states, allowing clients to make smarter strategic decisions. Services include co-insight sessions, lab based, ethnographic, surveys, forms, behavioral tracking and trend analysis and large scale quantitative studies.

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  • BC


    Understand and influence user behavior, through the science of collaboration, research and insight to drive process-oriented human, environmental and systems change. From channel shift for transport to crime reduction for civic services and smarter health care, our clients are changing the world for the better.

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  • PI


    Customer-centered rapid evaluation and enhancement of new propositions and existing products through an agile design and iteration process: - Heuristic evaluation - Concepting and story-boarding - Low and high-fidelity prototyping - Lab and guerilla testing. All run with customer and client collaboration sessions, on-site or off-site.

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  • DT


    A unique way to enable stakeholders to ‘think like a customer’ and collaboratively develop a shared vision of the ideal future state for the business and customer: - Co-discovery and co-design - Empathy mapping - Experience/journey mapping - Lego Serious Play - Vision setting.

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