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Future of Organizations

Become a future-ready organization 

Capture your organization’s daily experiences to become the creator of an employee journey where connections and peer bonding go first. Keep a real-time pulse of the true dynamics of your company to enhance empathy, diversity and sustainable behaviors everyday.



Build a people-first culture driven by data. StarMeUp shapes your employee experience by building an immersive environment that fosters their emotional connections and provides you insightful data to make agile decisions.


Ignite passion for your culture and improve performance by giving people the possibility to develop professionally promoting multi-way ongoing communication and casual feedback. Allow your leaders to make the most of real-time data to align goals and offer their teams the necessary support to drive a positive transformation.

Boost confidence and keep a sense of belonging @StarMeUp

Take people analytics beyond the core so you can get the whole picture of your employees’ experience and impact from the moment they apply, to the moment they onboard and continue growing professionally. Gain visibility on the attributes of top performers, and spot which employees are at risk of leaving.

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