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We help organizations with their digital transformation.

Platforms and apps that integrate and act as the Operating System for the Organization of the Future. We help organizations with their digital transformation, enabling them to manage their culture effectively, engaging their employees from day one to ensure success.



    StarmeUp is the peer to peer recognition tool you need to grow your company culture and corporate values, empowering your employees to nurture a healthy workplace. The tool produces valuable real-time information that helps managers gain knowledge of the organization's hidden talent and positive influencers.

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    Meetags brings people close inside a company by allowing employees to upload photos and share what's happening within the organization; they can login with company credentials and stay connected to their coworkers anytime, anywhere, sharing great moments no matter where in the world they are.

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    Performance reviews made easy with Feedback, the 360-degree feedback platform that facilitates a constructive conversation, where employees can continuously learn and improve and managers can identify key employee behaviors and track overall progress. It displays employee feedback data, focused on competencies & skills, highlighting strengths, weaknesses, behavioral trends and concern areas.

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    A platform to enrich the experience during an event, allowing attendees to interact with speakers, incorporating interactive and gaming techniques through trivias, surveys, and personalized content.

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