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Life Sciences

Bringing life sciences and technology together
The use of technology can provide people with better health and equality, while building a sustainable world.
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We improve the connection between technology and life sciences, combining bio-science talent with innovative technology solutions. We are bringing digitalization to our biological journeys.
Today at Globant we create and promote modern design thinking, one that combines bio-science talent, innovative digital solutions and the best from other industries, as a way to reinvent life sciences. Welcome to our cross-pollination approach.
Precision medicine

The healthcare industry is increasingly developing techniques, methods and tools to provide individuals with tailored and personalized medical approaches. Our precision medicine practice covers the entire spectrum - from genetic screening to drug development and medical supply chain issues, to focus on personalized disease treatment and detection. We also research the evolution of pathologies to inform these precision medicine approaches.

Healthcare interoperability

As a digital native company we are ready to help healthcare organizations digitize their solutions and ensure that data can be easily shared between different systems. We focus on digitizing healthcare ecosystems, taking into account the strict compliance and regulations in these environments.

Telemedicine & medical devices

We focus on combining the best digital tools with an empathic, patient-centric approach. Helped by our experience with complex media and communications solutions, we help companies bridge the gap between the dynamics of diagnosis and inter-patient communications.


We provide a unique approach to R&D, by combining best practices from software development, specialized bio-science knowledge and other industries such as gaming, entertainment and e-commerce. Our practice offers organizations the opportunity to blend in-depth research with the methodical and rigorous process of software development.

Image Diagnosis

Biomedicine is a complex field where scientists are making rapid advances. Image diagnosis is helping to not only uncover intrinsic and correlated connections between variables to help provide better treatment options but is also reducing the time it takes to find, diagnose, and treat disease.

Genomics data processing

The human genome was unlocked back in 2003, but still only a small proportion is fully understood and used in activities such as genetic screening, disease prediction, and drug development. We combine a variety of technologies and techniques such as AI, big data, cloud computing and parallel programming to advance our understanding of the human genome and its applications in bio-related fields.

Patient journey

Our human-centered design approach improves patient journeys, bringing together patients, doctors, services and data. We help organizations create new means of communication and service channels.

Smart farming

Smart farming presents ways to optimize the way that food is produced in order to meet the increasing demands from a rising global population. We work with organizations to improve their production, using a variety of tools, theories and technologies.