Management team



Martín Migoya is Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of Globant, tasked with growing the Company to become an international leader in the creation of digital journeys. Martín is also responsible for team building, corporate culture, revenue generation, and executing Globant’s corporate strategy.

Since 2003, Martín has helped grow Globant from a startup to a public company with more than 5,000 employees in the U.S., U.K., Spain, Brazil, Colombia, México, Chile, Uruguay, Peru, Argentina and India. Globant is now listed on the NYSE under the ticker GLOB and its solutions have been featured as case studies by such prestigious universities as Harvard, MIT and Stanford. With more than 20 years of experience in the IT market, Martín is passionate about inspiring future entrepreneurs and speaks at premiere international events, including the World Business Forum, Endeavor Gala and Nearshore Americas.

Martín is a member of the Young President´s Organization (YPO) and a board member and director of Endeavor Argentina. He was awarded the Bravo Business Awards Emerging CEO of the Year in 2011 and was recognized as Entrepreneur of the Year by Ernst & Young in 2013. Martín holds a degree in Electronic Engineering from La Plata University and a Masters degree in Business Administration from CEMA University.




Martín Umaran is a co-founder and Chief of Staff at Globant, responsible for coordinating back office activities, supporting executives in daily projects and acting as a liaison to senior management. He is also responsible for Globant’s mergers and acquisitions process, as well as other strategic initiatives. Martín has extensive experience in business and operations management for the technology and logistics industries.

Alongside the other Globant co-founders, Martín was selected as an Endeavor Entrepreneur in 2005. He holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering from La Plata University and a Masters in Business Administration from IDEA University.




As Chief Strategy Officer, Guillermo is responsible for helping in developing, communicating and executing corporate strategic initiatives as well as developing high level relationships and big deals. Previously, Guillermo has served as a COO for almost 9 years and has been a key player and an exceptional professional helping Globant become the world class company we are today. He joined the board of Globant in 2007 as Chief Business Officer to assist the company's worldwide growth.

Guillermo started his career as a software engineer in the mid-seventies, working for companies such as Burroughs, Wang and Convergente Technologies, among others. He then joined Sisteco, a Juncal Group company, where he continued advancing his career in software, R&D management, sales management and operations management. In 1993, Guillermo joined Sun Microsystems, where he held several management positions. 

Throughout his career, Guillermo has participated in several start-ups, been a board member for multiple organizations including business chambers and not-for-profit organizations and led organization in Argentina, US, UK, Chile, Brazil, Venezuela, and Colombia.




Guibert Englebienne is Chief Technology Officer and co-founder of Globant. In his role, Guibert contributes to Globant’s focus on innovation and creativity, leading Globant’s most cutting edge practices, including Big Data, Mobile, Cloud, Wearables  and Cognitive Computing. He also created and leads the Premier League at Globant, an elite group of technology professionals, and spearheaded Globant Labs, where the team explores emerging technologies and prototype solutions. Prior to co-founding Globant, Guibert worked as a scientific researcher at IBM and also served as Head of Technology for Inc.

Guibert is also president and chairman at Endeavor Argentina and was included in the Globalization Today’s “Powerful 25” list, positioning him as one of the industry´s most influential leaders. He speaks at various events around the world, including Communicating the Museum, La Red Innova, Innotribe and South American Business Forum.

Guibert holds a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Software Engineering from the Universidad Nacional del Centro de la Provincia de Buenos Aires in Argentina.




Guillermo is the Chief People Officer at Globant, where he leads the People Careers, People Champions and People Care teams. In this role, Guillermo is in charge of bringing innovation to Globant’s culture and internal processes and enhancing the company as one of the best places to work in the region. 

Before joining Globant, Guillermo was Human Resources director for Microsoft Argentina and Uruguay, where he was in charge of leading the company´s human resources policies, developing internal talent, and maintaining diversity and inclusion. Prior to that, he was the Human Resources Director for Pampa Energia and EDS Argentina and Chile. He was also appointed as Bumeran´s Country Manager in Argentina, and worked in the Human Resources, Corporate Communications and Community Relations departments at Techint.

Guillermo has a degree in Political Science from the University of Buenos Aires (UBA) and has post-graduate degrees in Business and Human Resources from Cornell University.




As Globant’s Executive Vice President, Corporate Affairs, Néstor is in charge of Globant's relationship with governments and chambers to continue expanding the Company’s global presence.

Néstor has extensive experience in the information technology industry. Prior to co-founding Globant, Nestor worked on several projects related to Geographic Information Systems for Light Rio de Janeiro, an electricity provider in Brazil, and UTE, a public electricity provider in Uruguay. He has also worked as a consultant on issues related to IT development, strategy and operations in the oil and gas market, for ENAP Chile and YPF Argentina.

Prior to becoming EVP of Corporate Affairs, Néstor was Globant's EVP of Innovation Labs. As such, he led the development of Glow, an advanced tool that enables Globant to exactly match the skill requirements for a given project’s scope with the Company’s resource pools, building high performance teams with the perfect mixture of skills for each product development need. The tool has been recognized in the InfoWorld Awards in 2009 as one of the Best IT Projects of the year.

Together with the three Globant co-founders, Néstor was recognized as an Endeavor Entrepreneur in 2005. Néstor has lived and worked in Argentina, Chile and Brazil. He holds a degree in Electronic Engineering from La Plata University and a degree in Business Direction from IAE University.

Juan Urthiague



Juan Urthiague is our Chief Financial Officer and is in charge of Corporate Finance, Treasury, Accounting and Tax, Financial Reporting, Financial Services and Investor Relations. Juan has been appointed as CFO in October 2018.

Juan joined Globant in 2011, and was a key member in the company´s global expansion and transformation into a publicly listed company in NYSE.  During 2017 Juan spent 15 months outside Globant serving as CFO Latam for OLX and as CFO for Prior to joining Globant in 2011, Juan worked as Planning Manager for Amadeus IT Group in Spain and as Senior Credit Specialist in Merrill Lynch in Ireland and also held financial roles for companies like British American Tobacco, Ternium and IBM.

Juan has a MSc. in Finance and Capital Markets from Dublin City University and Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the Universidad de Buenos Aires. Juan is a Spanish native speaker and is fluent in English and Portuguese




Patricia Pomies is Chief Delivery Officer at Globant, in charge of the overall strategy around quality of service and delivery.

Patricia initially joined Globant as Business Unit (BU) Director where she managed one of main BUs at the company. As such, she was responsible for the its business and operations in US and Latam, with particular focus in expanding EU market, which she led successfully.

Before joining Globant, Patricia was the Director of Portal, a key initiative within Argentina’s Ministry of Education, which aimed to bring together principals, teachers, students and families around the adoption of ICT in education. Additionally, she was responsible for content production and tracking of “Equality Connect“, a program directly supported by the Presidency of Argentina, created with the objective for distributing more than 3.5 million netbooks within the public education system.

Patricia has a background on Communication Sciences, she has been a Professor of Social Communication at Maimonides University and Assistant Professor of Communication Sciences at the University of Buenos Aires.




Diego is CTO of Globant Studios, in charge of all technical people, overall technology and Studios’ value proposition.

Diego joined Globant in 2008 as a leader for a development group. He quickly took the Technical Director role for one of Globant’s major account, a leading gaming company. He was then appointed as Studio Partner for Gaming, a position he held for over five years. He also run the IoT studio for a year and was part of the team that started the Discover studio before being appointed as CTO.

Diego has more than 15 years of experience developing small, mid and large scale software. With strong background in desktop, embedded and backend development and love for C/C++, gaming and graphics.




Pablo is Globant’s Chief of Technology Staff, responsible for the technology department, with focus on capacity planning and quality of delivery strategies.

Pablo joined Globant in 2014 as a Delivery Director leading the integration and delivery of a development group that was part of an acquisition.  Since then, he has moved to different leadership roles including being the leading Partner of the Quality Engineering Studio, one of the largest technology groups at Globant. In August 2016, Pablo was appointed as Chief of Technology Staff with the mission of consolidating best practices for capacity planning and quality of delivery across Studios worldwide.

Pablo has more than 20 years of experience leading technology groups for off-shore, near-shore and onshore delivery, delivering small, mid range and large scale IT solutions.




Ignacio Cantalupo is Globant’s Chief Capacity Officer, in charge of the overall strategy of Recruiting and Staffing worldwide.

Ignacio Joined Globant at the very first stage of the company, being one of the first employees. Ignacio served at different management roles throughout the last 14 years at Globant: VP & Business Unit Managing Director, VP Operations, Delivery Manager, Program Manager, Area Manager and Creative Director.

Ignacio has worked in the IT industry since 1997 embracing an entrepreneurial spirit as co-founder of two startups before joining Globant.




As Globant’s Chief Information Officer, Gustavo is responsible for the Company’s infrastructure team (IT operations and information security), enterprise applications, and IT services. Prior to that, Gustavo served as Executive Vice President, Delivery, managing Globant’s delivery partners, staffing, recruiting, PM Office, and site managers.

Gustavo has extensive experience in IT Consulting. Before joining Globant, he worked at various renowned companies such as Siemens-Itron Business Services, Paradigma Consultores Asociados and Pecom Nec. Prior to that, he led a Consulting team at Correo Argentino, where he was in charge of redefining the 33 postal processing centers and of implementing the “Track&Trace” System across the country.

Gustavo holds a degree in Industry Engineering from Buenos Aires University, and a Master degree in Business Administration from IDEA, with a specialization in strategy by the London Business School.



Chief Brand Officer

Wanda Weigert has been Globant’s Chief Brand Officer since 2007. She joined the company in 2005 as a senior consultant in the Internet marketing department before creating and supervising Globant's communications department. She has participated on Globant's growth from a small startup to a multinational public company since 2014. The organization is now listed on the NYSE under the ticker GLOB. 

As our Chief Brand Officer, she has two main goals. On one side, she supervises all global Corporate Communications programs, including  Globant's relationships with the press in the US, Latin America, Europe and Asia, internal and external communications strategies, crisis communications and Globant's Corporate Social Responsibility programs. On the other side, she is in charge of Globant's Stay Relevant department, which includes all the programs related to enhancing the company's relations with its customers. The main goal is to help clients stay fit for their businesses challenges. Within this area, she supervises research, marketing activities, analyst relations, content production and more. 

Wanda has more than 15 years of experience in Communications and PR. Prior to joining Globant she worked at Jota Group, a Publishing House where she was responsible for the development of corporate communications tools for different multinational customers. Wanda has a Bachelor Degree in Social Communications (Austral University) and post-graduate studies in Marketing (UCA).



Chief Solutions Officer - Pod Leader

Guillermo Bodnar is Chief Solutions Officer at Globant. Based in San Francisco, Guillermo is charged with ensuring continued innovation and creativity throughout Globant’s technological solutions. Prior to joining Globant in 2011, he co-founded KnGrid, a service that helps communities harness the benefits of an online liquid market for the smart grid. He was also Chief Information Officer at Arbinet, which provides international voice and IP solutions to carriers and service providers, and led the implementation of Rightsrouter for Broad Street Digital, the first global platform enabling music labels to manage digital rights and control content distribution. He is responsible for Globant success in all our strategic opportunities. On top of that, he’ll act as the CSO for the US West Region

Guillermo holds a Systems Engineering and Computer Science degree from UNICEN, Universidad del Centro de la Provincia de Buenos Aires.

Sabina Schneider


Chief Solutions Officer - Latam Region

Sabina Alejandra Schneider is Chief Solution Officer for the LatAm region, leading complex ecosystems that combine technology, design, data, and culture. As a former Consulting Partner and Big Data Studio Partner at Globant, Sabina focuses on delivering transformation programs by breaking down big business challenges into actionable elements to achieve a shorter time to market with continuous delivery. She helps companies achieve their goals and build relevant relationships with end clients through data-driven, rapid, and dynamic technology solutions.
Sabina is an expert in Agile methodologies, development, and big data strategies, and has spoken at several industry events including the Medellín Hackathon, the London Big Data Breakfast, the Bogotá Big Data Hackathon, and the AWS Big Data Breakfast Summit in both Sao Paulo and NYC.

Marina Saint-Lary


Chief Solutions Officer - Head of Farming practices

With more than 15 years of experience at Globant, Marina currently holds the Chief Solution Officer for the East Region. Marina has grown at Globant and has taken on different roles just as: Testing Lead, Quality Assurance Manager, and Business Development Director, among others.  

Since 2015, and before being appointed CSO, she was Engagement Manager at one of our top clients. As part of that team, the account grew from +200 to more than +700 globers.

She is passionate at building strong teams to grow partnerships with clients and she is constantly looking at ways to improve team dynamic and showcasing Globant’s value proposition. She is a trusted source who moves and inspire Globers with her experience; turn ideas into reality, and know and show how to replicate success. Her strong points include: process and agile frameworks, project management, business development with excellent interpersonal skills and the ability to communicate effectively.

Marina currently lives in Orlando with her two daughters and husband.



EVP & General Manager of Globant’s US East Region

Alejandro Scannapieco is EVP & General Manager of Globant's US East Region, responsible for Globant’s business operations and strategic growth in the region. Before this, he was the Chief Financial Officer of Globant. As such, he successfully led the Company to its IPO in July 2014, making Globant the first IT services company from Latin America to be listed on the NYSE.

Prior to joining Globant in 2008, Alejandro previously served as Chief Financial Officer at Microsoft South Cone and Patagon South America, as well as Senior Finance Analyst at JP Morgan. Alejandro has a post-graduate degree in capital markets, a degree in public accounting and a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the Pontificia Universidad Católica Argentina. He has also completed a post-graduate degree in finance from Torcuato Di Tella University.

Fernando Matzkin


EVP & General Manager of Globant US West Region

Fernando Matzkin is EVP & General Manager of Globant's US West Region, responsible for Globant’s business operations and strategic growth in the region. Before this, Business Unit Director, leading one of the largest portfolios focused on High Tech and Media and Entertainment companies.

Prior to joining Globant in 2009, Fernando served as Process Information Officer for Volkswagen Argentina, as well as Project Manager and Leader for Oracle. Fernando holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Management and Computer Systems from the prestigious University of Buenos Aires.

Federico Pienovi


EVP & General Manager of Globant EMEA

As EVP & General Manager of Globant EMEA, Federico runs and oversees all aspects of the EMEA operation, including the business development strategy, team building and management and overall project delivery.

Federico is a Globant veteran, with more than 9 years with the company. He has an outstanding leadership record ranging from technology, delivery to client and business development.  




Axel is responsible for the design and implementation of the development strategies of the Latin American market. Along with its team of specialists in digital transformation processes, he focuses on accompanying the most demanding companies ensuring that they remain relevant in an increasingly competitive world.

He is also responsible for Globant’s Services over Platforms offering, supervising both product strategy and engineering and design teams. Prior to joining Globant, Axel worked at SAS Institute where he led the Business Development organization for Latin America. Prior to that, he was the Pre-Sales Director for Vignette in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Axel started his career with Wordperfect and Novell as a Netmaster before co-founding e-Corp, where he served as CTO until the company was acquired by Skyonline. He holds an EMBA from IAE and a B. S. in Systems and Sciences from CAECE University.




As EVP of South Asia, Sandeep has more than 20 years of experience with global software development setups, with an impeccable track record of organizational leadership and product delivery management.

He was Senior Director at Symantec (India), where he led the Server Management Group. He was instrumental in setting up well-rounded teams with diverse skills sets for multiple VERITAS products.

Sandeep holds a B Tech (Honours) in Electronics from Bhilai Institute of Technology and an M Tech from IIT, Delhi (1993), where he was awarded the best incoming PG student.